update: Part 2 “He Was SuCKED IN “The PROPELLER ROOM” World’s Most HAUNTED SHIP” is now LIVE

Hold onto your Seats FaM, this is going to be a WILD RIDE!

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About this VIDEO:
This Video was Filmed last year. The footage was thought to have been lost. Tonight’s 3am Challenge brings us back to Long Beach California to the Most Haunted Ship in the world, The RMS QUEEN MARY! Very similar to the Titanic ship built just years apart, this now stationary ship is best known for the Crazy amounts of Paranormal Activity! James the FAM, girlfriend Chelsea Luna and friends OmarGoshTV and his girlfriend Tiphanie all decided to film at 3am on this Most Haunted Ship. They say Ghost Spirts roam the rooms and halls of this very classic ship. This Ghost Hunt is unlike most, and soon you will know why. Part 2 will be dropped if we get 3000 likes and then you will see when Omar Gosh TV and James the Fam explore the Most Haunted part of the Ship which is the Engine room, although most might disagree and say that Room B340 is the Most Haunted. We take a look a Room B 340 on the Queen Mary. The ship was first christened on September 26, 1934 by Queen Mary herself, and it was retired more than three decades later. It has since been converted into a hotel, where guests can sleep surrounded by the original wood paneling and portholes, imagining what it would have been like to cross the Atlantic in style. You won’t be the only guests hanging out on board the historic ship. In fact, spirits are said to haunt several different places on board — and the hotel offers ghost tours to take full advantage of the spooky stories.

“Not only does the Queen Mary offer a transatlantic history, but it is known as one of the most haunted destinations in America,” Chris Wilmoth, the director of marketing at the Queen Mary, told Travel + Leisure in an email. “The unique history of the ship allows us to offer one-of-a-kind and authentic experiences that delve into the paranormal, from evening tours and ghost investigations to overnight stays in our most haunted Stateroom, B340.”

This stateroom was a problem long before the Queen Mary opened as a hotel. In 1948, a British third-class passenger, Walter J. Adamson, passed away in the room, and the details of his death are unknown. Later, in 1966, a woman staying in the room reported that she was woken up when the bed covers were pulled off of her and she saw a man standing at the foot of her bed. She screamed and rang for the steward, but the man apparently vanished into thin air.

Years later, guests staying in the room have reported hearing someone knocking on the door in the middle of the night and seeing bathroom lights mysteriously turn on. Even the hotel’s maids started complaining that they would find the bathroom water running even when no one had stayed in the room for days, and one reported that the bed covers were pulled off right after she put them on.

The room was closed to guests for many years, but it has since reopened for anyone looking for an evening of creepy fun.

This hatch door is known as Shaft Alley, and it was the site of a gruesome accident that saw a crewman crushed to death.

One night in 1966, the watertight doors in the engine and boiler rooms were ordered to be closed. About five minutes later, an 18-year-old crew member from Yorkshire was found crushed in the door of Hatch #13, trapped with his arms pinned to his side. While the man was freed and carried to the hospital ward, it was too late. He showed signs of crushing injury on his arms, chest and pelvis, and was bleeding from his nose. He was injected with morphine, but died shortly after.

His ghost is regularly seen around the area now, with people reporting the sound of someone running behind them and whistling. Others have noticed that spots of grease that looked like fingerprints appeared on their faces. Some have seen a figure of a bearded man in blue coveralls that looks just like the man who died out of the corner of their eyes. And several others have said they saw an engineer wandering the hallways asking if guests had seen his wrench, but when they went back to find him, he had disappeared