I jumped on the MBTA Blue Line from State Street and got off at Revere Beach. The train ride to Revere Beach Station only took 20 minutes, but the smooth sand and sea breeze made me feel like I was a world away from the concrete jungle of Boston’s financial district.

One of my coworkers recommended I visit Revere Beach, while another coworker warned me to stay away. After arriving at Revere Beach, I was taken aback by the natural beauty and resort-like atmosphere of the area. Revere Beach has a boardwalk that’s conducive to exercise, or simply enjoying the summer breeze.

Revere Beach showed no signs of seaweed or trash. I would say that Revere Beach can hold its own to the beast beaches on Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, and even The Hamptons.

The condos and apartments overlooking Revere Beach were impressive. Although the luxury condos were expensive, I found Revere Beach real estate to be a great value when compared to other Boston locales.