Visit to Seattle’s Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.
Join me as I walk around and through the best aviation museum as I describe some of the interesting facts about each aircraft. One thing I really like about this museum is that you’re able to work through several very significant aircraft including a Concorde, Air Force One (707), the very first Boeing 747-100 and many others.
This has to be on the bucket list of any avgeek!

There’s an error at 00:50 where I got the km/h figure wrong. I meant to say 3529km/h. Apologies.

You can skip ahead to a particular aircraft or sit back and enjoy the whole video:
Lockheed M-21 Blackbird – 0:24
First ever 747 – 1:55
707 Air Force One – 5:50
Concorde – 10:35
787-8 Dreamliner – 13:16
First 737-13:59
B17 Flying Fortress – 14:32
B29 Super Fortress – 14:48
WB-47E Stratojet – 15:49
World War 2 Fighters – 15:59
World War 1 Fighters – 17:37
Cold War jets -18:46
Space Shuttle trainer – 20:11
V1 flying bomb – 20:24
Wright Flyer replica – 20:59

Official Museum of Flight website:

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