The Lucerne Inn is located in the town of Dedham, and is one of the most beautiful locations in Maine. It was originally built as a home for the Philips family on land that was granted to John L. Phillips for his part in fighting the in the wars against England. When a stagecoach line sprung up between Ellsworth and Bangor, The Philips family realized their home was located about half way between Ellsworth and Bangor and as such could satisfy a need that the stagecoach line had for place to change horses and give passengers a break. So, the Philips family turned their home into a place they named the Lake House and it provided a place to change horses and the traveling public with food, drink, and lodging. When the railroad came through in the 1890s, it brought many more folks to the Inn from as far off as Boston and New York.

In 1925, a New Yorker named Harold Saddlemire bought the Lake House and all the available surrounding land. He was particularly impressed with the many hills and mountains that looked down on several beautiful lakes and ponds. All that scenery reminded Harold of Switzerland so he decided to name the place Lucerne-in-Maine after Lucerne, Switzerland. Since then the historical and beautiful qualities of the Lucerne Inn have captivated travelers that have been lucky enough to discovered it.

Located at the Inn are a picturesque golf course, a large outdoor swimming pool, beautiful gazebo and outdoor patios. The stunning 200-year-old Inn provides fine dining and accommodations, gorgeous stunning scenery and excellent New England hospitality. The Lucerne Inn is only a 15-minute drive south on US Route 1A to downtown Bangor and just 15 minutes on Route 1A east to Ellsworth and less than an hour to Bar Harbor and beautiful Acadia National Park.

Travelers that enjoy investigating places with a reputation of being haunted should add this one to their bucket list. For it has been rumored for many years that the Lucerne Inn is haunted by at least two spirits that met their untimely death far back in the 1800’s when the Inn served as a way station between Ellsworth and Bangor. The story told is about a horrible murder of a man and a woman followed almost immediately by the suicide of the murderer. It seems that a man named “Nathan” found his wife in a compromising position with one of the male guests in room eight of the Inn. In a fit of anger, Nathan killed both of them. Later, after he calming down from his murderous rampage, he went into Room 5 and committed suicide. At some point after these terrible killings the haunting began. There are reports that range from unexplained cold chills in warm rooms, the appearances of a female apparition, music that can’t be explained, objects that move on their own and burners of a stove turning on by themselves in the middle of the night.

When paranormal investigators using super sensitive equipment explored the Inn, they witnessed abnormal readings in Room 8 that seemed to rise and fall at will, and they could find no reason why the gas burners in the kitchen turn on by themselves. Although it is believed that the ghostly activity at the Lucerne Inn, is the unfortunate spirits of the murdered victims in Room 8, their presence appear to be friendly. Some folks have even reported that the ghost of Nathan is felt throughout the Inn. They say that his spirit is actually comforting as well.