This 4K Walk will start in one of the most popular places in Prague for locals to hang out: Naplavka. You will first walk the Prague’s riverbank, which will take us to the famous Dancing House, then walking up the hill towards the Charles square we will stop by the Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius. The church where the paratroopers who successfully killed Reinhard Heydrich (the butcher of Prague) were hiding till the SS discovered their location and after a few hours-long shootout, the paratroopers died. The bullet holes you will see around the window to the crypt are still real from WW2. Then you will cross the largest square in Prague, Charles Square, and finish with the view of Faust House – where it was thought Faust himself once lived.

Enjoy the walk!

(Sorry for the occasional camera adjustments, I will get a new gimbal when I save up for it, the one I have right now fights me)

0:00 – Prague’s Train Bridge
4:14 – Naplavka
18:28 – Dancing House
24:07 – Cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius
25:06 – The window with bullet holes
27:50 – Charles square

We gave ourselves a mission to write about every single important monument in Prague, share some fun facts, and give you cool ideas for your visit.

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