At age 6 on April 29, 2001, I went missing for over two days in the Ozark National Forest in Northwest Arkansas. I was rescued on May 1st, 2001 by two men on Mules named William Jeff Villines and Lytle James. This is my story.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the Live Q&A I did on 1/10/21:

Several people have requested subtitles in Arabic, so I’ve added them, but I don’t actually speak Arabic in any significant way so the subtitles are auto-generated by youtube and could be wildly off for all I know. I hope they help!

I do read the comments even if I don’t respond to all of them and I really appreciate the lovely things people have to say, so thank you! That being said, this is a very personal story that changed the course of my life, and no one but me gets to dictate how I tell it or which details I choose to make public. When this video was published, I had no reason to expect it would get as many views as it has. Please keep your comments respectful, essentially: be nice or leave. In the future I will be deleting excessively rude comments.

Thank you so much for watching, I’m so grateful to you all!

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