Wow! There are SO many bad areas in New Jersey!

New Jersey. The garbage state…I mean Garden State. Sure, it has beaches, waterfalls and easy access to both New York City and Philadelphia, but let’s face it, New Jersey has a bad reputation. It’s known for its overflowing landfills, public corruption and high taxes. And while there are some great places to live in New Jersey, you won’t see them on this list. The places we’re about to discuss help give New Jersey its nickname as the “Armpit of America.”

We’ve looked at a wide range of data, including crime rates, unemployment rates, poverty, education and more. Plus, we took into account YOUR opinion – that’s right – you New Jerseyans have a lot to say about which places in your states are great and which are not so great. Sadly, while New Jersey is home to the great Frank Sinatra, he’s not singing Newark, Newark. Let’s begin, shall we?

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